Offering to Help

The other day, I visited a site that I frequent, and perhaps for the first time, I realised that it was in a state of some disrepair. I didn’t know the creator of the site personally, but I had some familiarity with his online persona, and I thought that I would try something out.

Since the site was static, I downloaded all of the code and resources, and set about correcting some of the problems. Not satisfied with that though, I also turned it responsive. Happy with the result, I e-mailed the results off to this person, in case they wanted to use it, as a random act of kindness, no credit required.

I’ve thought about this for a while with other sites. There are people whose work I admire, but who for whatever reason, aren’t able to maintain their online presence. Maybe this is the first in a trend, maybe not.

I’ve not heard back yet, so perhaps my e-mail was simply flagged as junk. In some ways, I could understand that. E-mail from someone that you don’t know with an attachment. Perhaps spam filters just don’t expect altruism?

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